Robin Media, like most businesses impacted by the “thing”, took inventory of what had been our focus in years leading up to the time the world stood still. Like many effected by the last 2.5 years we lost people we loved, and had to learn a new way of being. In many ways personally and professionally, chapters were closing.

With every ending, comes a new beginning. Sometimes we limp there, sometimes we run there, but either way change has arrived.

Our focus has always been genuine connection with people and helping others tell their stories. That hasn’t changed. But what has changed, is our geography. We relocated our work space to be closer to nature, away from the metro.

In the hustle & bustle of the concert life, and the sizzle of television entertainment, we lost touch with our creator and the connection that gave us the creativity to start. In all the years of working deadlines and bottom lines, we forgot how to breathe. How to live in the now and appreciate the simple things.

If you want to follow us on Instagram – we won’t be posting about our clients, boasting about our latest project or our creative genius. We’d rather post about our inspiration, nature and all the lovely things we didn’t see in the asphalt of the city.

We still love the city, but sometimes you have to get back to basics to get a fresh vision.

Podcasts have been trending up! Listener-ship/viewership is at an all time high. Now is the time to brand yourself the EXPERT in your subject matter. Even if that’s the expert of cheeky banter. If you don’t know where to begin, we can help! The world is ready to listen!

Showcase your business or event venue with a 360 tour. Stand alone photos or even traditional video doesn’t always convey the layout and vibe of all your location has to offer.

Here’s a demo of a 360 Tour: Miamisburg Luxury Apartments

Albannach – Scotland’s #1 Primal Pipes & Drums Band!

If you haven’t seen Albannach perform live you’re missing out!  These primal Scottish Highlanders will tap into your inner warrior channeling your ancestors who plundered lands and drank from the skulls of their enemies. Yep- they will make you feel just that bad arse. Okay, maybe it’s because they are that bad arse.

Check out their wee promo here –

Robin Media & Albannach worked together to produce their 1 hour 45 minute “Scotumentary”.  You can purchase Scotumentary here      along with music, merch and apparel. You can also follow them on the normal social media sites.


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