Albannach is Braw!

ALBANNACH – Scotland’s #1 Primal Pipes & Drums Band!

If you haven’t seen Albannach perform live you’re missing out!  These primal Scottish Highlanders will tap into your inner warrior channeling your ancestors who plundered lands and drank from the skulls of their enemies. Yep- they will make you feel just that bad arse. Okay, maybe it’s because they are that bad arse.

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Robin Media & Albannach music starting working together in 2013 when we partnered to produce their 1 hour 45 minute “Scotumentary”. It’s been a wild ride right up until CV19 came crashing in and the concert business came to a screeching halt.  You can purchase Scotumentary here      along with music, merch and apparel. You can also follow them on the normal social media sites.


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